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Beverly Goodman


Beverly Goodman grew up with the sound of waves hitting the shores and fell in love with all things water related. Today, she is a marine geo-archaeologist, and studies how archaeology, geology, and anthropology of marine systems can help us understand the way nature and humans impact coastlines in the past, present, and what that relationship will bring going into the future. 

Amongst her interests include ancient harbors, disasters, and coastal change.  Her work has contributed to tsunami disaster planning and education in Israel and the eastern Mediterranean.


She is an Associate Professor at the University of Haifa Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, Department of Marine Geosciences (Department Head), a National Geographic Explorer and has been seen on television programs, often addressing the world's ancient marine and coastal mysteries, what is truth and what is fiction, and how it might matter for us today.

PhotoCredit: Dr. Sylvia Earle, Red Sea 2017


McMaster University: Ph.D. Geology Supervisors Dr. Eduard G. Reinhardt and Prof. Henry P. Schwarcz ‘Paleogeography of Liman Tepe, Turkey: A Multi-Proxy Geoarchaeological Study’ August 2006


The Pennsylvania State University: M.A. Anthropology: Near Eastern Archaeology May 1999 ‘Maritime Economies and Coastal Settlements’ Supervisor A. Joffe


University of Wisconsin, Madison: B.A. Anthropology December 1995, Honors with Distinction 


William Rainey Harper College: Student 1992-1994, General Studies


Department Head (from October 2019)

Associate Professor (from October 2017)

Assistant Professor (2011-2017)

University of Haifa: Leon Charney School of Marine Studies.  Department of Marine Geosciences. 2017-Present  


Postdoctoral Study. Supervisor Zvi Ben-Avraham. Novel geoarchaeological applications in Marine Sedimentological Studies of Mediterranean and Red Sea. 2009-2011


Interuniversity Institute for Marine Studies-Eilat and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Postdoctoral Study. Supervisor Amotz Agnon. Sediment Coring Holocene Sediments in the Gulf of Eilat-Aqaba 2008-2009


Interuniversity Institute for Marine Studies-Eilat and University of Haifa. Postdoctoral Study. Supervisors Y. Mart, M. Artzy, A. Kaplan.  Offshore Tsunami Deposits. 2006-2008

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