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The MGM laboratory tackles questions related to coastal change using micropaleontology and traditional sedimentological approaches.  Our field activities range from seafloor mapping and collections to coastal surveys and archaeological excavations.  We have participated across the depth range of the sea from deep sea cruises from research ships, technical scientific diving, shallow water and beach to nearshore collections.

We are asking questions about how coastlines have changed.  Where was sea level in the past and where will it be in the future? How much plastic is in the sediments? What does the sediment look like after a tsunami, and can we find tsunami markers from the past? When was an ancient harbor built, and why is it today destroyed?  How do river floods change the marine system, and can past climate regimes help us understand what is happening today?

Dr. Ofra Barkai, marine archaeologist, is the

laboratory manager. She assists in lab services,

student projects, fieldwork, and research

coordination. Students in the lab have

come from all over the world including

USA, Germany, Hungary, NigeriaChina,

and Israel.


There are opportunities for internships,

graduate, and postdoctoral research.

The graduate program is part of the

Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences

at the University of Haifa.

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