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What?  Am I seeing things?  If you have taken a walk along the coast of Israel recently you may have discovered these tsunami signs along the beach.  What you are looking at is part of a national and international program to reduce the number of deaths in the event of a tsunami.  

Tsunami? you might be thinking?

Yes.  The Mediterranean is the second most at-risk region for tsunamis outside of the Pacific Ocean Region.  It also happens to be one of the most populated regions as well!  

The decision to include tsunamis as part of the national emergency response and planning was based on written evidence from past historical records, physical evidence from offshore underwater research, and modeling derived from known earthquake and underwater landslide-generating mechanisms nearby.

What should you do if you hear the sirens go off and 'tsunami' announced?  Follow the green directional signs and you will get to a safe assembly point.

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